Lake Country 6 Inch Foamed Wool Compound Pad

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This New and Improved Lake Country Foamed Wool Pad is comprised of a specially designed foam-wool material, resulting in this pad shedding less, cutting better, and leaving a smoother finish than a standard wool pad. It will also not heat up the paint as much like a conventional wool pad will. The Lake Country Foamed Wool Compound Pad is one step more aggressive than the Orange Hybrid Cutting Pad.

This Hybrid pad is both foam and wool in one and is constructed much better than the previous hybrid wool pad.
Great to use with our new Diamond Cut Compound. What is Foamed Wool? Patented nanofoam process encapsulates the base of the lambs wool fibers with microscopic polyfoam particles.The


Performance - Cuts like natural sheepskin but finishes like a foam pad. Aggressively removes P1500 grit scratches, leaving a lustrous finish with no hazing by reducing compounding swirls.

Dense Body
- Foamed fibers resist caking and matting. Foaming process also creates minute air pockets at the base of the fibers, which improves cushioning and retention of compounds and polishes.

Consistent Quality - Manufacturing process produces a uniform material, resulting in consistent pad performance ... unlike performance reducing variances that can occur with natural sheepskin pads.

Minimal Lint
- Foaming process locks in the lambs wool fibers, significantly reducing lint.

- Distinctive purple color for easy identification.

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