Lake Country CCS Red Ultra Soft Wax/Sealant 6.5 Foam Pad


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Product Details
This Lake County Red Pad is the perfect Lake Country CCS Pad for applying the final coat of wax or paint sealant to the vehicle. This pad works great when applying liquid waxes or paint sealants because it is firm enough to keep most of the product on the paint, rather than soaking up into the pad.

The Lake Country Red Pad has no cutting or cleaning ability and is the least aggressive Lake Country Foam 6.5 CCS Pad.

What Products To Use?

Use these pads in conjunction with Detail King's Cherry Wet Wax or STS 3000 Paint Sealant for outstanding results.

*Top Recommendations

• Cherry Wet Wax - is a premium carnauba wax and will provide a protective barrier against harsh environmental elements. It will restore color and gloss to lightly oxidized finishes, as well as pre-cleaned surfaces. Easy on easy off formula helps eliminate dust, streaks, and haze. . . Learn More

• STS 3000 - is one of the finest, long-lasting car paint polymer sealants available. A unique blend of polymers, resin and zonyl that forms a durable protective coating. STS 3000 is the most advanced polymer sealant on the market today! . . . Learn More

What Else Might You Need?

If you have not already purchased a Flex 3401 Backing Plate or a Porter Cable Backing Plate, you will need too for your Porter Cable 7424 or Flex DA 3401 to use these velcro backed pads.

Note: This pad can be used for both DA Polishers and Rotary Buffers.
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