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Our Long Reach Carpet and Mat Scrub Brush is constructed of heavy duty nylon bristles that allow you to loosen deeply embedded dirt before vacuuming or scrubbing. The extra-long handle length of 15" enables you to put more upper body strength into your scrubbing action. This brush is perfect for horribly dirty mats that must be removed from the vehicle to scrub and pressure wash or extract. Brush width is 7”.

This brush should not be used for very delicate carpets. Can also be used to scrub dirty and soiled truck bed liners. This is a must-have brush for all professional auto detailers.


• Bristle Length: 1"
• Bristle Shaft Width: 7"
• Bristle Shaft Length: 5 1/2"
• Handle Length: 9 1/2"
• Total Length: 15"
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