Microfiber Jumbo Drying Towel 24" x 32"


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Our Jumbo Microfiber Car Drying Towels is an excellent microfiber towel to quickly dry freshly washed vehicles.

Don't let the look of it fool you, it can absorb a lot of water quickly.
Being that it is high quality microfiber material (80/20) it is very absorbent and its jumbo size will enable the surfaces to be dried quickly eliminating the chance of spotting. You can be assured that this towel will never leave any scratches or swirls in the paint if used properly.


Size: 32” L x 24” W

Proper Maintenance:

Properly caring for your auto detailing towels is one of the most crucial things you can do as a detailer. Detail King formulated Micro-Klean, a special detergent specifically for microfiber wash mitts, mops, and towels. Detail King highly recommends this product to extend the longevity of your mitts, mops, and towels.

Additionally, Detail King has written several articles on "How To Care For Auto Detailing Towels". These articles give extra insight and proper instructions on the process of proficiently cleaning your auto detailing towels.