Microfiber Chenille RV Mop Complete w/Base

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Our Microfiber Chenille RV Mop will cut the time necessary to wash an RV more than in half! And if using our Black Cherry Car Wash Soap w/Wax will leave a gloss that makes your RV washes stand out from all your competition! This new RV mop is also good for large SUV’s boats, stretch limousines and buses. One side is outfitted with chenille microfiber strands and the opposite side has plush microfiber cloth material.

So you get an extra large brush that is perfect for over-sized vehicles and it is made of plush microfiber material that will do a extraordinary area removing dirt and grime. Just attach any car wash brush handle that has a threaded end and you are ready to use it. Also, as you may already know microfiber lasts longer than any other textile cleaning material.

Detail King also offers microfiber replacement bonnets, or this RV microfiber chenille wash mop.

Note: The base where the handle twists into, may need trimmed down.


Size: 18.5” L x 6” W
• Strand Length: 1.5 cm

Proper Maintenance:

Properly caring for your auto detailing towels is one of the most crucial things you can do as a detailer. Detail King formulated Micro-Klean, a special detergent specifically for microfiber wash mitts, mops, and towels. Detail King highly recommends this product to extend the longevity of your mitts, mops, and towels.

Additionally, Detail King has written several articles on "How To Care For Auto Detailing Towels". These articles give extra insight and proper instructions on the process of proficiently cleaning your auto detailing towels.

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