Car Wash Mini Mat 6' x 8' - Ideal For Low Pressure Wash Systems

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This is the perfect Eco Friendly car wash mat for the mobile detailer that must conserve water and also avoid water run-off issues. Our Mini Car Wash Mat is also the perfect compact size only: 6' x 8' and constructed of a heavy gauge, light weight vinyl material attached to a 4" encapsulated foam berm. If you are using a Low Pressure Wash System like our battery operated DK1500 this mat is a perfect match.
Larger mats like our standard 10' x 20' are great for high pressure washer systems because you need to capture more water all at once. Using a low pressure system with the proper solution (our Final Touch Ultra)you will use much less water to clean any vehicle and be able to offer your customers and Eco Friendly car wash service!
You can shampoo engines, scrub wheel wells, wheels, tires, all body panels including front and rear bumpers. Simply clean the front end first completing all the components and then move the vehicle so that the rear is now positioned in the Mini Car Wash Mat to scrub the rear components. For any size vehicle you will much less water than you normally would with a high pressure washer. So you will only have to vacuum up typically 3-6 gallons of dirty water.
Our Mini Car Wash Mat folds up to a very compact size, weighs less than 25 pounds and is a cinch to stow in your van and pick up truck. Now you will be able to offer full service car washes, engine shampooing and pre detail prepping services using very little water and being EPA Compliant.
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