Wizard Appearance Value Kit



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Keep your motorcycle looking pristine all year round with this awesome Wizards Motorcycle Shampoo Appearance Kit.

Whats In The Box?

• Bug Release - is a all surface motorcycle bug remover that will quickly remove bugs and residue by neutralizing acidic bug proteins. . . Learn More

• Mist N Shine - is the perfect product to add the showroom winning gloss to your motorcycle. . . Learn More

• Bike Wash -is a complete bike cleaner which safely foams away road grime, oil, grease, brake dust and more. . . Learn More

• Crystal Clear - works like a polish and restores windshield clarity, removes hairline scratches & hazing. . . Learn More

• Mystic Nano Wax -  incorporates Synthetic Wax in it's exclusive formula to provide extreme gloss, slickness, and protection... Learn More

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