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Use Mytee System Maintainer to keep tanks and plumbing free from soap, scum, and hard water build-up and to keep unit working to it's fullest potential. Regardless if you are mixing extractor soap in solution tank or not you need this product for the in-line heating system to work most efficiently. This product will "descale" the inner workings of the extractor plumbing for better performance. A busy detailing business should use this at least once per week. Quart size.
Features & Details:

Descale residual build-up in extractor tanks and plumbing.  Soap, scum, water deposits, and lime accumulate in extractors and affect performance.  Improve water pressure and flow by keeping your lines free of hard water and chemicals.

Keep your extractor’s heating system working efficiently.  Using the Mytee System Maintainer will ensure your in-line heater runs at its maximum temperature.  Even if you already use Extractor Soap, the System Maintainer is necessary to keep your heater running efficiently.

Improve pump life.  If you’ve invested money into one or more extractors, you owe it to yourself to keep your pump in top condition.  The Mytee System Maintainer assists in increasing the lifespan of pumps and limiting repair costs.

Detailers should use on a regular basis.  Busy detailing businesses should use the Mytee System Maintainer at least once per week to clear lines of new chemical build-up.  Get in the habit of protecting your machines!

Compatible with cold water extractors, sprayers, and injectors.  Although the Mytee System Maintainer is ideal for keeping heating systems running smoothly, it’s also great to use in cold water extractors and other spraying devices where chemicals and hard water are likely to collect.  By taking a preventative step now, you will save time and money in the long run!

For Best Results:

Mix one quart of Mytee System Maintainer with one quart of warm water.  Pour this mixture into the solution tank.

Turn the extractor pump on first and run the solution through your cleaning tool.

After turning on the pump, turn on the heater.  Make sure to avoid turning on the heater first to avoid vapor lock.

With both the pump and heater on, run the solution through the machine so it can break down chemical and hard water build-up in the lines.

After running the solution through the machine, fill the tank with warm water and run it through the machine to clear the solution from the tank and lines.

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