Extractor Chemical & Maintenance Deluxe Kit


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Purchasing a new extractor and not sure what Mytee system maintainer products you need? Well we have made it easy for you to get started correctly. Our Extractor Chemical & Maintenance Deluxe Kit includes everything you need to get your interiors prepped & cleaned while optimizing your extractors performance!

Products Included:

• Extractor Soap (1 gal) - is a component specific, low foaming, high pH, super concentrated fabric and carpet cleaning solution that can be used either as a traffic area cleaner or sprayed onto the surface that is to be extracted to quickly break-down dirt & grime. . . Learn More

• Carpet Cleaner & Upholstery Shampoo (1 gal)
- is an orange colored, thick, high foaming, properly pH balanced heavy-duty car carpet shampoo that will quickly and effectively break-down and loosen dirt, grease and grime. . . Learn More

• Hot Shot Stain Remover (19 oz)
- is an excellent spot and stain remover. A non-solvent based product that works instantly once sprayed to loosen and help remove heavier grease, grime, tar spots, most stains, and gum from carpets and upholstery. . . Learn More

• Extractor Defoamer (1 qt)
- is an excellent product to keep foam and suds to a minimum in the extractor recovery tank. Simply dispense a few ounces directly into the recovery tank of your extractor. This will help keep vacuum motors from becoming inoperable. . . Learn More

• Mytee System Maintainer (1 qt)
-  is a specialized Mytee product that will keep your extractor tank and plumbing free from soap and scum build-up and to keep unit working to it's fullest potential. . . Learn More

This is everything you need to be able to offer professional interior cleaning services for your customer while maintaining your extractor properly. Most of these products are available in larger sizes. You save about 10% ordering this kit versus purchasing these items individually.
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