Nanoskin AutoScrub Wash Mitt - Fine Grade - Blue


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The Nanoskin AutoScrub Wash Mitt Fine Grade uses innovative technology to remove light surface contamination from your vehicle.  It can replace the claying process!  The Nanoskin Wash Mitt Fine Grade is for vehicles that are well maintained and only need minor pollutants removed.  It will loosen impurities and leave your surface super sleek and ready to be waxed!

Features & Details:

Rubber polymer coating loosens light contamination.  One side of the Nanoskin Wash Mitt Fine Grade has a rubber polymer coating that detaches contaminants that have bonded to your paint.  Just wipe gently and let the nanotechnology do the hard work!

Eliminate an array of pesky surface pollutants.  The Nanoskin Wash Mitt Fine Grade will lift light amounts of tree sap, water marks, rail dust, road grime, salt, and environmental fallout with ease.  

Ideal to use after regular washing and before waxing.  Use the Nanoskin Wash Mitt after giving your vehicle a regular wash and rinse.  This will keep your surface buttery smooth.  This is also a perfect product to clean your surface before waxing, glazing, polishing, or sealing.  You can’t wax or seal a rough surface!

Replace the clay bar.  The Nanoskin Wash Mitt Fine Grade provides the same incredible contamination removal as the Wonder Clay Bar Extra Light Cut but is much quicker and easier to use.  Also, you do not have to dispose your wash mitt if you drop it on the ground, as you would with a clay bar.  Just rinse off and keep scrubbing.

Safe to use on plastic and glass.  The Nanoskin Wash Mitt Fine Grade is extremely versatile.  Not only will it smooth your painted surfaces, but also glass, vinyl trimming, and plastic components.  Your entire vehicle will be slick and smooth after using this product.

For Best Results:

Give your vehicle a regular wash and rinse before using the Nanoskin Wash Mitt.  Dry your surface off and make sure there is no soapy residue.

An easy way to check the level of contamination on your surface is to spray with the Wonder Lube and slide your fingers across the surface with a piece of cellophane.  You will be able to feel imperfections.

When using a brand new Nanoskin Wash Mitt, break it in first: spray your windshield with a bit of Wonder Lube and wipe with the mitt to activate the nanotechnology.

Spray your desired surface with Wonder Lube – this provides a slick surface for the wash mitt to glide on and prevent marring.  Gently wipe the surface with the wash mitt in a back and forth motion.

Rinse off with water and you’re ready to roll!  The Nanoskin Wash Mitt should last 30 – 50 uses depending on the level of contamination it faces.  Once it stops removing fallout easily, it’s time to replace.

Our Fine Duty NanoSkin AutoScrub Wash Mitt is best used on better cosmetically maintained vehicles.

Our Medium Duty NanoSkin AutoScrub Wash Mitt is best used on vehicles with heavy pollutant build-ups.

Size: 6" x 8.7"

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