Caliber Silica Polish

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Product Details
The Caliber Silica Polish is a finishing polish in the paint correction process that integrates the hardness and durability of glass to protect your vehicle’s surface.  It’s perfect to use subsequent to compounding and polishing and prior to applying a ceramic coat, or for removing high spots or blemishes from a ceramic coating after it has been applied.

Features & Details:

Ceramic Silica Technology leaves your paint smooth and glassy.  The Caliber Silica Polish incorporates the hardness and durability of glass into a fine polish that protects and glosses your paint.  

The final step in the paint correction process.  Before using the Caliber Silica Primer Polish, you should compound and polish your surface to remove imperfections.  The Caliber Silica Polish buffs light swirls and imperfections while leaving a gleaming, mirror-like shine.

Apply prior to adding a ceramic coating.  Ceramic coatings protect your surface against weather, chemicals, UV rays, dirt, and water damage.  Ensure your paint is flawless before adding extra protection by using the Caliber Silica Primer Polish.

Polish imperfections or blemishes in a ceramic coating.  Ceramic coatings protect your surface against weather, chemicals, UV rays, dirt, and water damage. If you get imperfections or blemishes in the ceramic coating itself, use Caliber Silica Polish to remove these light imperfections without compromising or removing the ceramic coating.

Keeps your surface hydrophobic for 3 to 6 months.  The Caliber Silica Primer Polish repels water, helping you to avoid water stains and mud splashed from the road.  Wipe your worries away with a finishing polish that wicks water.

Works well in the sunlight.  Polishing in direct sunlight is risky because polish can flash, or dry before you are done working.  The Caliber Silica Polish contains lubricants that ensure this won’t happen, giving you enough time to do a thorough job.

For Best Results:

Make sure your surface is clean and free of solvents and waxes before applying the Caliber Silica Polish.  This polish should be used after compounding.

Apply a small amount of Caliber Silica Polish to a polishing pad.  We recommend the Lake Country White Polishing Pad with a Flex Dual Action Polisher.  Test the polish on an inconspicuous area of your vehicle before applying to the entire surface.

Spread the polish evenly on your surface and buff in a crosshatch pattern on medium speed.  

Clean your pads frequently.  Do not allow polish to build-up or harden on your pad to avoid damaging your surface.

Once you have achieved a high gloss, wipe the surface with a Microfiber Towel.  Run your fingers across your paint to feel the glassy finish!

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