Spot Free Water Softener & Filter

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  • 2500 Gallon
  • 5000 Gallon

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Product Details
This Portable Water Softener is easy to stow with it original space saver design and compact size. Perfect for the mobile detailer; this spot free water filter goes anywhere and needs no outside power source. Ideal for the mobile auto detailer; fill up your tank at home or shop then go! You can also take this unit with you and fill up while out in the field. With this filter, you will only need to recharge it every 2,500 gallons or 5,000 gallons!

This Spot Free Water Filter is really a blessing for auto detailers that need more time to dry the car that they are getting ready to detail. Water spots can be a real pain, and by using a Spot Free Water Filter from Detail King will help your detail jobs look better and save you time. Your customers will love your work even more by not only seeing the results but also seeing the care you take while working on their car."

Spot Free® is manufactured using the highest quality materials, so these units do not slow down water flow. It is designed to give you a lifetime of trouble free use anywhere and increase your businesses professionalism. These units use the same principles as a conventional water softener, plus the added feature of a water filter. These systems were designed to be used inline, making it as simple as attaching your water supply and it's ready to use!


2500 Gallon
Longevity Till Next Recharge:
2,500 gallons
Recharge Time: 15 minutes
Dimensions: 27" x 6"
Weight: 23 lbs.

5000 Gallon
• Longevity Till Next Recharge:
 5,000 gallons
• Recharge Time: 15 minutes
• Dimensions: 37" x 6"
• Weight: 33 lbs.

Mobile Detailer Features:

Minimizes chamois time so you can complete the wash up of the vehicle quickly and efficiently
Burst tested to 100 psi, making this filter highly efficient when compared to its competition
Suitable for any application whether whether it be a car, truck, boat, plane, or RV
No tools required for assembly of this spot free water filter system
Will bring an end to water spots on the exterior of a vehicle
Standard garden hose connection is all that is necessary
High flow rate makes for quick and efficient detailing
Increases the soap suds, saving money on soap
Will help preserves a natural paint luster
Will help prevent rust stains
Environmentally Safe

Household Features:

Reduces hard water build-up throughout: Stops Etching in Glass, Silverware and crystal
Will prevents calcium build-up on plumbing fixtures
Increases the Soap Suds, Saving Money on Soap
Water using appliances will last longer
Improves water taste and odor
Will help prevent rust stains
Environmentally Safe
Better Feeling Skin
Hair Combs Easier


These Spot Free Water Softener and Filter Units are designed to give the mobile detailer more time to dry the car and keep it from spotting. These units are not intended for rinse off and walk away application; without hand drying.
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