Porter Cable 7424XP Polisher

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The Porter Cable 7424XP Polisher is the ultimate car polisher for the serious auto car enthusiast or the do-it-yourselfer who wants an automotive polisher that is safe to use and provides awesome results.

If you have never used a buffer on your car before but want to use one of the safest polishers on your car then the Porter Cable 7424XP Polisher is the polisher for you. There is no way the human hand can achieve the results that are obtainable with a high quality car buffer or dual action polisher. If you want the finest results possible with ease you need a Porter Cable 7424XP Polisher.

The Porter Cable 7424XP Polisher is safe and effective for polishing your paint to perfection and for applying waxes and sealants. Even if you have never used a buffer before you can use the Porter Cable 7424XP Polisher to achieve awesome results swirl-free! 2500-6800 OPM - variable speed. 4.5 Amps. (OPM=Orbitals Per Minute)

The Porer Cable 7424XP Polisher comes standard with 1 white foam polishing pad glued to a skrew-on backing plate. Also available are black, yellow, and white foam hook & loop backed pads and a velcro backing plate for these additional pads. They can be found in our Buffing, Polishing Pads & Shampoo Brushes for Porter Cable Polisher 7424XP Polisher Dept. You can also purchase the quick connect adapter and use our double sided pads with this polisher. Side handle and wrench also included.

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