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Not sure about what Porter Cable Value Package to purchase? Well if your just thinking about just purchasing the Porter Cable 7424 XP you may want to consider this Porter Cable Polisher Pads And Polishes Kit. You get everything below and you are ready to go! The polishes that are included are QUART Sized!

Yellow Single-Sided Foam Pad - Use this pad for medium to aggressive paint leveling. Removes medium oxidation and environmental fallout. Works great with our Vibra Cut Lite Leveling Compound. Can also be used with Spyder Web Glaze to level-down deeper micro scratches.

Black Single-Sided Foam Pad - Use this pad for final finishing to quickly and evenly apply the final coat of protection. Works great with all of our finishing and protection products; Cherry Wet Wax, STS 3000 and One Step Prep. Our softest hook & loop backed pad.

White Single-Sided Foam Pad
-Use this pad for medium to light duty polishing to remove light scratches and imperfections in the clear coat. The foam texture of this white pad is very similar to our green double sided pad. Use this pad with the Foam Pad Glaze, Spyder Web Glaze or our One Step products.

Hook & Loop Pad Adapter - We include this to easily fasten the single side foam pads and the carpet & upholstery Brushes that are included with package.
Cherry Wet Wax- Our Cherry Wet Wax is a Premium Carnauba Wax and will provide a protective barrier against harsh environmental elements. Cherry Wet Wax will restore color and gloss to lightly oxidized finishes, as well as pre-cleaned surfaces. Easy on easy off formula helps eliminate dust, streaks,and haze. Contains carnauba wax and detergent resistant polymers for a wet-look shine. Formulated for base coat/clear coat paints, VOC compliant. Pleasant cherry scent. Can be used on fiberglass, too. Protection will last up to 6 months. Cherry scented. (32 oz bottle)

Foam Pad Glaze and Polish - Foam Pad Glaze II Clear Coat Polish & Cleaner should be used as a glazing/buffing step to remove minor buffing swirls, micro-surface imperfections and light oxidation. Works well as the final buffing step in a detail or body shop compounding process. Also, works great as the only buffing step on vehicles that just need a glazing/polishing of the paint prior to waxing or sealing. (32 oz. bottle) Our Foam Pad Glaze II has lots of lubricants and is easy to use especially for mobile detailers when they are working in sunny and hot conditions. These lubricants will not allow the product to dry out on the paint prior to finishing the buffing process. This is truly the very best glaze/polish we have ever offered. Vanilla scented. (32 oz. bottle)

Vibra Cut Lite Leveling Compound - A new generation compounding formula employing specially formulated "diminishing" abrasive materials. This scientific breakthrough enables the user to remove medium to heavy scratches while achieving a high gloss finish in one easy step. Vibra Cut Lite easily removes 1000 to 1500 grit sand marks and is body shop safe. This product is not quite as aggressive as our Vibra Cut II compound but more aggressive than our Foam

Pad Glaze II - Glazing afterwards is still recommended before sealing with wax or sealant. This product will not create as much sling as most compounds. This is a void Detail King is filling. Many of you asked us to formulate this product so you can have in your arsenal of paint restoration products. Wild Cherry scented. (32 oz. bottle)

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