Hyper Gloss Carnauba Wax - 16 oz

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Boyd Coddington Hyper-Gloss™ Carnauba Wax is a superior carnauba emulsion formulated with only pure Brazilian #1 Carnauba. Boyd Coddington Hyper-Gloss™ Carnauba Wax is engineered to deliver a superior deep BADGEshine and formulated with specialized sealants to provide long-lasting protection. Boyd’s Hyper-Gloss™ Carnauba Wax will be sure to deliver unmatched results in an easy to use liquid.

Boyd’s Hyper-Gloss™ Carnauba Wax provides deep shine in a one-step wax process utilizing Hyper-Gloss™ technology. Hyper-Gloss™ technology is designed to provide surface sealants that extend the life and durability of the carnauba wax. Hyper-Gloss™ allows for longer durability against the sun and extreme conditions, while extending the shine and protection on your vehicle’s surface. Recommended for all types and colors of paint, including light and dark solid colors, metallic finishes, clear coat, water based finishes, as well as enamel based paints.

Boyd’s Hyper-Gloss™ Carnauba Wax goes on like butter and wipes off just as smoothly. Guaranteed to leave no white residue behind, Boyd’s Hyper-Gloss™ Carnauba Wax can also be applied on a wet surface. Boyd’s Hyper-Gloss™ Carnauba Wax delivers the legendary wet look as seen on Boyd Coddington’s® built hot rods and other collectible cars.

Carnauba wax is sold in several grades, labeled 1, (1 being highest) 2, 3, and 4, depending on the purity level. Government inspectors determine the level of quality based on the color and purity of the carnauba. Boyd Coddington only selects Brazilian 1 Grade Yellow Carnauba for our waxes. Added to that, Boyds then processes the carnauba through a proprietary purification and filtration process.
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