Jade Quartz PRO Ceramic Coating Premium Kit

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Detail King’s Jade Quartz Prep and Maintenance Kit has just about everything you need to prep, apply and maintain your vehicle’s surfaces that have been coated with Jade Ceramic Coating. There is enough Jade to apply to at least 3 medium size vehicles, we include the Caliber Polish specially formulated to perform mild to medium paint correction prior to the application of any ceramic coating. We also include with this kit our Detox Wash & Seal which is also specially formulated for ceramic coated vehicles and Jade Reboot which is an awesome top coat product to be used to keep the ceramic coating looking great year round!

The Kit Includes:

Jade Quartz Pro 
by Puris is our Premium Ceramic Coating that provides unrivaled gloss and up to 4 years of durability and protection from UV rays and corrosion.
It delivers better gloss, hardness, and is hydrophobic meaning it will actively repel water! Surfaces treated with Jade Ice are easier to clean and are more protected! Jade can be used on top of Urethane clear coats, gel coats, plastics, vinyl, rubber, metal, chrome and glass. You will also receive one guarantee card and one suede applicator.

CALIBER Silica Primer Polish
incorporates the durability and hardness of glass in an easy to use premium fine polish.
For use by hand or machine, CALIBER is made with ceramic silica technology that leaves a surface glassy and smooth. CALIBER leaves a vehicle surface extremely hydrophobic for 3-6 months! 

REFRESH Surface Prep - Refresh Surface Prep uses various mild solvents to dissolve old compounds, polish, wax, and leaves behind a residue-free, very clean surface.  Refresh Surface Prep should be used before applying Jade Ice, Jade Quartz, or any other paint sealant or coating, to promote the best bonding and protection.

Detox Car Wash & Seal is specially formulated to clean vehicles that have been previously coated with a ceramic coatings like Jade, Optimum, C Quartz and others. This shampoo is infused with silica technology that will revitalize the surface of the coating and lay down a thin invisible film of protective technology.

REBOOT Silica Spray Sealant
incorporates the durability and hardness of glass in an easy to apply spray and wipe formula. More than a spray wax, REBOOT is made with ceramic silica technology that leaves a surface smooth as glass. Great to use as a Top Coat to keep ceramic coating looking great year round.

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