MTM Hydro PF22.2 Professional Foam Cannon PLUS 1.1mm orifice

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The MTM Hydro PF22.2 Professional Foam Cannon is a water-pressurized foam cannon that quickly and efficiently applies high-foaming car wash soap to your vehicle.  This model of foam gun has two orifices and adjustment controls so you are in complete control of foaming power for every scenario!

Features & Details:

Create loads of foam to loosen dirt and grime.  The MTM Hydro Foam Cannon turns a few ounces of car wash soap into high-volume foam that loosens dirt, grime, and abrasion particles on your vehicle’s exterior.  This reduces swirling and the risk of scratching while scrubbing with a mitt or brush.

Chemical injection knob controls foam output.  Adjustment controls on the MTM Hydro Foam Cannon allow you to control the amount of foam being created.  You can also switch between vertical and horizontal spray patterns.

Two orifices are attached for maximum pressure washer compatibility.  In addition to the standard 1.25 mm orifice, the MTM Hydro has a 1.1 mm orifice for lower-flowing pressure washers.  Both require a minimum of 1,100 PSI to operate properly.

The tank is ergonomically designed for ease and comfort.  The tank on the MTM Hydro is easier to hold and less likely to drop than past models.  It weighs only 1.5 pounds, making it highly mobile.

Cost-effective and highly efficient.  The 32-ounce tank requires only 2-3 ounces of soap for use.  The rest can be filled with water.  This saves product waste and stretches your soap supply.  A replaceable filter prevents grit from entering the soap stream.

For Best Results:

Pour 2-3 ounces of high-foaming soap into your tank and fill the rest with water. We recommend the Black Cherry Car Wash Soap with Wax, Heads Up Super High Foaming Car Wash and Prep Soap or Super Suds Concentrate

Attach your cannon to a pressure washer.  We advise that you set the regulator to a low-pressure setting for initial installation before increasing pressure.  Apply the foam to your vehicle.

After use, run water without soap through the cannon to clean soap residue from the spraying system.
It’s that easy!  This will drastically reduce labor costs for professional detailers.

• Both Horizontal & Vertical adjustability spray pattern
• Ergonomically Designed Comfort Grip Bottle: 32 OZ Capacity
• Internal Agitator: Creates very dense foam
• Upgraded Connectors: Brass plated to resist corrosion - Includes M22 & Quick Disconnect connectors
• PSI Range: 1100 to 4000 
• Orifices: 1.25mm/3.5 & 1.1mm/3.0  
• Water Flow Capacity: 1.4 to 5.3 GPM
• Chemical Injection Knob: To Increase or decrease foam output
• Replaceable Filter: Prevents grit from entering the soap stream
• Fan Blades are adjustable to spray from narrow to wide

• PSI Rating: 4000
• Max Temperature: 140°F
• Item Weight: 1.5 lb
• Manufacturer: MTM Hydro
• Manufactured in: Italy

• Pour your favorite car wash soap into canister – typically 1 to 2 ounces of Black Cherry or Heads Up Car Wash Soap
• It is advised that the pressure washer regulator be adjusted to a lower pressure during initial cannon installation and then adjusted to reach optimal performance
• Concentration & consistency of foam depends on type and amount of soap used as well as the flow/discharge of the pressure washer
• After each use spray water through the system (without soap) and completely rinse the spray head, soap bottle and suction tube with clean, clear water to assure best operation

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