Red Away Red Stain Remover

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RED-AWAY can save clothing, upholstery, and carpet from grape juice, fruit punch, jams & jellies, gelatin desserts, medicines, and colas. Safe to use around children and pets. Contains no bleaches. RED-AWAY is water-based, contains no phosphates, non-flammable, biodegradable.

DIRECTIONS: Shake well before using. Rinse stained area with water to remove any residue, blot dry. Apply RED-AWAY directly to stain and allow time to soak in. Lay a moist 100% white cotton towel over stain. Set an iron to the lowest steam setting. Higher iron settings will set the stain even more. Set the iron on the towel/stain, do not apply pressure. Allow the iron to boil around the edges, in usually 20-40 seconds. Now apply light pressure to iron for about 10 seconds, this should transfer the stain into the towel. Repeat the procedure several times for tough or old stains. Be sure to keep towel moist for every attempt to remove stain.

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