Red Away Red Stain Remover

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The Red Away Red Stain Remover can rescue carpet, upholstery, and clothing from harsh red stains such as wine, juice, and soda.  Red spills are the Achilles Heel of light-colored fabrics and carpet, but this product is tough enough to restore surfaces to their original color!

Features & Details:

Attack the nastiest of red stains.  Red Away Red Stain Remover will eliminate stains from wine, fruit punch, jelly, liquid medicine, soda, grape juice, ketchup, and more.  No longer dread the red!

Safe to use around children and pets.  Red Away Red Stain Remover is water-based, biodegradable, non-flammable, contains no phosphates, and is bleach-free.  Amazing power without health risks.

Perfect for vulnerable automotive surfaces.  This product will work great at removing red stains from your vehicle’s interior carpet and fabric upholstery.  Jump on difficult stains before they set into individual fibers.

Useful for removing stains at home.  Red Away Red Stain Remover isn’t just great to use in your vehicle, it’s perfect for pesky stains on sofas, clothing, and area rugs.

A must-own for those with small children.  If you have or care for kids, spills are bound to happen.  Be prepared for Kool-Aid and grape juice stains before they sink into your fabric.  

For Best Results:

Rinse the contaminated area with water and blot dry.  Shake the bottle of Red Away Red Stain Remover and spray on the stain, allowing time for the product to set in.

Lay a damp, 100% cotton towel over the stain.  Set an iron to the lowest steam setting (high settings increase the depth of the stain.)  Set the iron on top of the towel without applying pressure.

Allow the iron to boil around the edges – this usually takes about 30 seconds.  Apply light pressure so that the stain transfers to the towel.

For tough stains, repeat this cycle, making sure the towel is damp every time.

For This Product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Click Here.

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