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The Revival Bumper and Trim Restorer for Cars is a conditioning cream that revamps and glosses exterior vinyl, plastic, and rubber components of your vehicle.  This product is perfect for adding a long-lasting shine to weathered trims that need a boost of brilliance!

Features & Details:

Restore life to worn plastic and vinyl.  Your vehicle’s exterior is exposed to plenty of harsh elements: the sun, rain and snow, dust, dirt, and road spray.  Dull and faded trim affects your entire vehicle’s appearance.  The Revival Bumper and Trim Restorer leaves a dazzling gloss that makes surfaces look brand new.

Great to use on an array of trimming.  The Revival Bumper and Trim Restorer is perfect to dress body side moldings, plastic door handles, mirrors, bumper cladding, wheel flairs, etc.  

Long-lasting results.  The Revival Bumper and Trim Restorer bonds to your surfaces with haste, drying to the touch.  Its shine outlasts competitors, making less work and more time for you.

Holds up against water.  Unlike many dressing products, the Revival Bumper and Trim Restorer stands strong against precipitation and regular car washes.  It keeps shining even in the rain!

Easy to apply and user-friendly.  A little bit of Revival Bumper and Trim Restorer goes a long way.  It is non-greasy and does not leave streaks on surfaces.  Once the dressing bonds to its surface, it will not run off onto other sections of your car.

For Best Results:

To get the most out of the Revival Restorer, consider cleaning your surfaces with our Trim Kote product first.  This will make sure your plastic shines as bright and as long as possible!

Shake bottle and apply a small amount of Revival to an applicator, such as our Automotive Dressing Applicator.  Rub into your surface; it will dry quickly.

Boom – you’re already done!  It doesn’t get much easier, folks.

Available in a Pint, Quart, and 1 Gallon.

For This Product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Click Here.

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