Rupes White Finishing Foam Pad - 100mm (4 Inch)

Item No: RP-100S


  • 100mm

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Product Details
This Rupes White Finishing Foam Pad is generally used with the Rupes Product Diamond as the fourth & final step of the Rupes paint restoration process. This pad is made of a high intensity resin that gives the foam its special soft texture and fine cell structure. It easily adapts to curves and contours of both sport and vintage cars. Given its particular softness and conformability, it is especially effective in the finishing of high-gloss surfaces.

What Products To Use?

The Rupes polishing and compounding pads work great with the Rupes brand polishes and compounds and we suggest the use of them with their pad line-up. The Rupes pads are colored coded to their corresponding polish or compound. The Rupes White Finishing Foam Pad is to be used with the Diamond Extra Fine Gel Polish which has a white cap.

Rupes has perfected each of their products to work exceptionally well with each pad, so that the operator will achieve showroom quality results.
Needless to say, you can still use Detail King's exclusive polish line-up with these pads, if you so desire!

*Top Recommendations

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What Else Might You Need?

If you have not already purchased a Rupes LHR 75ES Backing Plate - 75mm, you will need too for your Rupes 75E Mini to use these foam pads.
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