Rupes Complete Pad Package


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  • 4"

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The Rupes Complete Pad Package includes all of the pads you may need for your polisher!
  • Rupes Coarse Blue Wool Pad - these pads utilize a dual-density wool surface which provides a great balance of cutting power and finishing capabilities...
  • Rupes Medium Yellow Wool Pad - give Bigfoot Orbital Polishers an ultra-smooth polishing action that will help you glide through your paint correction...
  • Rupes DA White Foam Pad - is our finest grade of foam, designed for ultra-high gloss finishing and polishing haze-prone or very soft paint surfaces...
  • Rupes DA Yellow Foam Pad  - is the most versatile foam pad in the RUPES BigFoot range, delivering an effective rate of defect removal and capability for high-gloss finishing on most paint systems...
  • Rupes DA Blue Foam Pad - the unique open-cell all new foam material removes mild to severe defects from most paint systems.
Available in 4", 6" & 7" Sizes.
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