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The Rupes Rotary Angle Polisher LH19E Bigfoot is a highly maneuverable, powerful rotary polisher capable of removing deep and heavy paint imperfections.  This polisher is lightweight and technologically advanced to ensure comfort and control while taking on serious paint correction!

Features & Details:

Supreme cutting power removes heavy paint defects.  The Rupes Rotary Angle Polisher LH19E is a perfect choice for eliminating deep scratches and imperfections that dual-action polishers cannot reach.  It generates a high level of heat, which is ideal for leveling and compounding.

Adjust your polisher speed quickly and fluidly.  The electronic speed control dial can be adjusted with your thumb so you don’t have to stop polishing to switch speeds.  You can find the perfect speed for each job while maintaining a deliberate, fluid motion.

A progressive trigger allows for subtle adjustments within the dial range.  For further precision and adjustment, the Rupes Rotary Angle Polisher LH19E has a progressive trigger that acts as a throttle to operate within the selected speed range without having to interrupt polishing.

Ergonomic housing maximizes comfort and control.  The Rupes Rotary Angle Polisher LH19E is slim, lightweight, and features a non-slip handle to prevent your hands from fatiguing.  It’s designed for ultimate mobility and maneuverability.

Essential for professional auto detailers.  The Rupes Rotary Angle Polisher LH19E should be owned by every experienced auto detailer.  Its unmatched combination of power and comfort is ideal for first-step paint correction.  This polisher requires knowledge and experience for use; it can burn through paint and create further imperfections if not used properly!

The perfect tool to use with our Blue DiamondCaliber or any of our compounds!

Technical Data:

Backing pad: 125 mm
Power: 1200 watts
RPM: 450 to 1700 rpms
Weight: 4.85 lbs.
Backing pad thread: M14
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