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The Rupes LH19E Bigfoot Rotary Polisher comes packed with a high torque motor, lightweight and premium ergonomic housing, large speed thumb dial, and progressive trigger activation. This lightweight and powerful rotary machine will provide an unmatched rotary polishing solution for automotive, collision repair, marine, and much more.
Rotary Polishers can be the one of the most versatile tools a detailer can add to their arsenal, that’s why the team over at Rupes has spent their time and energy developing the Rupes Bigfoot LH19E Rotary to be the most maneuverable rotary polisher on the market. It’s slim and lightweight design will help cut down on user fatigue and it’s included handle will make controlling this rotary polisher a breeze. Even the toughest of paint defects are no match for the Rupes LH19e

The Rupes LH19E Rotary can be paired with the 
Ø Backing Pad (mm-in): 125-5”
Power: 1200 Watts
R.P.M: 450-1700
Weight: (kg-lbs): 2,2-4,85
Backing Pad Thread: M14