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The Rupes LHR 12E Duetto Random Orbital Polisher is an incredible dual-action polisher that can be used as both a polisher and a sander.  When used with micro-abrasives, this polisher can remove deep scratches; when used in conjunction with polishing compounds, it leaves a smooth, impeccable finish on the paint.  With such versatility, this product should be at the top of every detailer’s wish list!

Features & Details:

Perform two tasks with one polisher.  The Rupes LHR 12E Duetto features a 12 mm orbit pattern that can be used with fine grit abrasives to speed up the deep correction process.  When used with foams and compounds, it refines abrasive scratches and leaves a silky, scratch-free finish.

Anti-spinning shroud protects the user and prolongs the life of foam pads.  The anti-spinning shroud acts as a clutch for the backing pad, protecting the user against moving parts.  It also reduces stress on foam pads so that they last longer.

Variable speed dial allows user to easily switch speeds.  Located on the end of the polisher, the five-setting speed dial can be adjusted without having to interrupt your work.

Ergonomically designed to maximize comfort and control.  The Rupes LHR 12E Duetto is balanced and lightweight to prevent hand and arm fatigue.  Non-slip rubber inserts in the front cover give you precise control and offer stability when resting the polisher on a surface.

Perfect for both professional detailers and beginners.  The multi-talented ability of the Rupes LHR 12E Duetto makes it a favorite in body shops; jobs can be completed quicker without having to switch polishers between correction steps.  The dual-action ability of this polisher makes it a safe option for non-professionals.

This polishing tool can be used with just about any of our paint correction and protection polishes, compounds, sealants, and waxes.

Rupes LHR 12E Duetto Specifications:
• Warranty: 1 Year
• Made in: Italy
• Backing pad thread: M8
• Speed control: v
• Weight: 2.6 kg / 5.7 lbs
• R.P.M.: 4000-5500
• Power: 400 Watt
• Ø orbit: 12 mm
• Ø backing pad: 125 mm / 5 inch
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