Rupes LHR 21 Mark III Big Foot Random Orbital Polisher w/Free Shipping!

Item No: LHR21-MIII

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Product Details

The Rupes LHR 21 Mark III Big Foot Random Orbital Polisher is a highly efficient dual action polisher that is ideal for polishing large surfaces.  This polisher is built for comfortable and uninterrupted use with a long throw to finish jobs in minimal passes!

Features & Details:

Long-throw allows users to cover large surfaces quickly.  The Rupes LHR 21 Mark III features a wide-range 21 mm orbit pattern that allows for powerful and fast paint correction while being gentle on surfaces.  The backing plate and polishing pad oscillate to imitate the motion of hand waxing.

Adjust your polisher speed quickly and fluidly.  The electronic speed control dial can be adjusted with your thumb so you don’t have to stop polishing to switch speeds.  You can find the perfect speed for each job while maintaining a deliberate, fluid motion.

A progressive trigger allows for subtle adjustments within the dial range.  For further precision and adjustment, the Rupes LHR 21 Mark III has a progressive trigger that acts as a throttle to operate within the selected speed range without having to interrupt polishing.

Advanced ergonomics maximize comfort and control.  The front and rear grip of the Rupes LHR 21 Mark III are rubberized for non-slip control that adds extra comfort and stability.  Tool rests on the top of the polisher provide stability for when the polisher is not in use.

Great for use on temperature-sensitive paint.  The dual-action oscillation of the Rupes LHR 21 Mark III makes it an ideal candidate for use on painted surfaces that are vulnerable to heat-related damage.  It produces far less heat than a rotary polisher while still producing a high-quality, swirl-free finish!

The perfect tool to use with our Blue DiamondCaliber or any of our compounds!

Technical Data:

Orbital path: 21 mm
RPM range: 3000 to 4500 RPMS
Backing pad: 150 mm
Backing pad thread: M8
Power: 500 watts
Weight: 5.95 lbs.
Power cord: 29.5 ft.

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