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The Rupes LK900E Mille Deluxe Kit comes with everything you need to get the most out of your Rupes Mille Polisher. You’ll receive 2 Rupes Mille Polishes for Cutting and Polishing, Rupes cutting and polishing pads to be used with the included polishes, a Rupes Claw Pad Tool, Rupes Sealant, a 5 and 6 inch backing plate, as well as a Rupes Apron, Carrying bag, and MORE!

The RUPES BigFoot LK 900E Mille Deluxe Kit includes:

The Rupes Mille LK900E Big Foot Gear Driven Polisher is a unique, versatile product that bridges the gap between rotary polishers and random orbital polishers.  This hybrid design creates high cutting power without producing as much surface heat as rotary polishers.

Features & Details:

Forced gear-driven rotation allows for versatile polishing.  The Rupes Mille LK900E features a forced circular motion for powerful cutting and a 5 mm oscillating motion that reduces the risk of overheating paint.  This polisher can be used for heavier correcting and fine-tuned for lighter polishing and waxing.

Includes two backing plates to adjust pad size for specific jobs.  The Rupes Mille LK900E comes with 5” and 6” backing plates so you can pick the right size pad for the size of the area that needs polished.

Adjust your polisher speed quickly and fluidly.  The speed control dial offers six-speed settings that can be easily switched with your thumb while polishing.  This means you don’t have to stop working to adjust your speed!

Variable speed trigger and trigger lock allow for subtle adjustments in the dial range.  The speed trigger acts as a throttle to further control speed within each speed setting.  The trigger lock will lock the machine in motion so you don’t have to continuously hold the trigger – great for one-handed applications.

Ergonomically built for control and comfort.  Rubberized coating provides precise control on the handle and allows you to keep the polishing pad firmly flat on the targeted surface.  It’s powerful enough for professionals and safe enough for novices!

The perfect tool to use with our Blue DiamondCaliber or any of our compounds!

Technical Data:

Orbit: 5 mm
RPM: 265 to 535 rpms
Backing plates: 5” and 6”
Max polishing pad: 7”
Backing pad thread: M8
Power: 900 watts
Weight: 11 lbs.
Speed control: 6 speeds
Warranty: 1 year