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Product Details
The Marine and RV Leveling Compound is a fast-acting, paint-leveling polishing compound specially formulated to remove 1000 grit or finer sanding scratches.  This product leaves a beautiful gloss and is easy to use for boat/RV owners and auto detailers.

Features & Details:

Remove 1000 grit or finer sanding scratches.  The Marine and RV Leveling Compound is fast-acting so that you can eliminate scratches at their source as quickly as possible.

Safety first.  The Marine and RV Leveling Compound is a silicone-free compound that is body shop safe and VOC compliant.  Perfect for detailers who have regulations on the products they use.

Protect your boat.  Watercraft are bombarded by the elements even when they are sitting in the dock.  Sticks, logs, debris, and trash can all harm your boat’s paint.  The Marine and RV Leveling Compound helps to remove scratches, mineral deposits, and water spots from your boat’s surface.  

Leave your surface smooth and glossy.  The Marine and RV Leveling Compound buffs out scratches without leaving haze marks and leaves very little micro-marring.  Just slide your fingers across a polished section and compare it to an unpolished area.  You can feel the difference!

Use in conjunction with a rotary polisher.  Try our Flex PE14-2-150 Rotary Polisher for best results.  It’s built for comfort and control, providing professional detailer results while still easy to use for beginners.

For Best Results:

Shake the bottle of Marine and RV Leveling Compound before using it.  Use a Rotary or DA Polisher, evenly applying the product to the pad.  Work in 2 ft. by 2 ft. sections at a time.

Buff using an overlapping motion, applying pressure on scratches and defects.  Use less pressure as the compound diminishes, working until your surface is glossy and smooth.

Wipe any remaining compound off with a Microfiber Towel.  No more aggravating scratches driving you nuts!

Available in a 1 Gallon and 4 Gallon Container

This product is not permitted to ship by air, it must ship by ground. If this product is included with other items that you order and you request air shipping it will not be packaged with the rest of your order. You could be charged an additional shipping fee because it must be shipped separately due to it being sent ground. 

Please note this product is known as a Limited Quantity chemical through the PA Dept. of Transportation and is not allowed to ship USPS, please choose UPS.

For This Product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Click Here.
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