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The Detox Wash & Seal for Ceramic Coatings is an ideal cleaner for regular maintenance of vehicles that have already been treated with a ceramic coating. Dilutable and pH neutral, the Detox Wash & Seal revamps the surface of the ceramic coating and provides a protective layer to ensure your surface is hydrophobic and ready for the elements.

Features & Details:

The Detox Wash & Seal for Ceramic Coatings is specifically for vehicles that have already been treated with ceramic coatings such as Jade, Optimum, and C Quartz.  It should be applied as often as your vehicle needs to be washed, just as with any other car wash shampoo.

Silica technology is designed to rejuvenate your ceramic coating with every wash.  When applied, an invisible protective film helps your coating continue to fight dirt, grime, water damage, and wear and tear.  

Powerful, yet gentle foaming action lubricates surfaces while it cleans.  The Detox Wash & Seal is pH neutral and produces high, stable foaming that makes cleaning thorough, quick, and safe.  This product can be used with any of our foam guns for maximum effectiveness.

Keep your surfaces hydrophobic.  The Detox Wash & Seal will bead water after application, making sure your ceramic coating stays water repellent and easier to keep clean.

Choose a product that lasts.  Only a small amount of Detox Wash & Seal is needed to get the job done.  Dilute two to three ounces with water and apply.  A gallon can last you up to 60 washes!

For Best Results:

Make sure that you have applied a ceramic coating before washing with Detox Wash & Seal.  We recommend using the Jade Quartz Pro Ceramic Coating 50CC for an original coating that will deliver gloss and protection for up to four years.  After a ceramic coat is applied, use the Detox Wash & Seal whenever your car needs to be washed.

Mix two to three ounces of Detox Wash & Seal with water.  If desired, apply the solution to your surface with a foam gun, such as our Foam Gun Garden Hose or one of our Foam Cannons.  You may also apply by hand with a Microfiber Chenille Wash Mitt.  

Once you are finished washing, rinse the foam off with water and dry with a Rag Company Gauntlet Drying Towel.  Get behind the wheel knowing your ceramic coating is ready to take on the road!

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