Stainless Steel Tank Sprayer - 3 Gallon

Item No: SST3

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Product Details
The Stainless Steel Tank Sprayer uses pressurized air to quickly and efficiently disperse car wash soaps, degreasers, shampoos, wheel cleaners and more.  Replace cheap plastic bottle sprayers with this durable and convenient steel tank that holds 2.5 gallons of product!

Features & Details:

Durable and long-lasting.  The stainless steel bottle of this tank sprayer ensures that it won’t rust or fall victim to wear-and-tear in body shops like cheap plastic bottles and pump sprayers.

Quickly pressurize with an air compressor.  The Stainless Steel Tank Sprayer can be pressurized up to 125 PSI with a standard air chuck.  A built-in safety valve will release pressure if overcharged.  One 100 PSI charge will last an entire tank full of product!

Adjust your spray pattern.  The nozzle of the Stainless Steel Tank Sprayer allows you to adjust your spray pattern between a stream and a mist.  Switch between narrow and wide release points to pick the right setting for your job.

Lightweight and portable.  The Stainless Steel Tank Sprayer is perfect for mobile detailers because once pressurized, you can carry it anywhere.  It comes with a 15-foot hose for hard-to-reach areas.  You can also charge the tank with a portable 12-volt tire inflation device that plugs into an accessory socket in your vehicle.

Works great with an array of detailing liquids.  This tank sprayer is perfect for applying soaps, dressings, Citrus Degreaser, bug removers, glass cleaners, tar removers, and non-acid wheel cleaners.  Detail engines, wheels, wheel wells, door jambs, and other areas that are tricky to clean.

For Best Results:

Fill your tank about three-fourths full of product, leaving the remaining space for air.

Use a standard air chuck to pressurize your tank to a maximum of 125 PSI.

Just pull the trigger and you’re ready to go!


• Nozzle: Strainer & adjustable pattern
• Body: High quality stainless steel
• Hose: Coiled & 15' in length
• Trigger: Viton sealed
• Max Solution Input: 2 1/2 Gallons
• Max PSI: 125