Stainless Steel Tank Sprayer - 3 Gallon

Item No: SST3


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Product Details
These high quality Stainless Steel Sprayer Tanks eliminate the hassle of replacing low-quality plastic spray bottles and pump sprayers. Filled tanks are pressurized using a standard tire air chuck with up to 125 psi. Also, you can use any type of air compressor, or for uses outside you can use a portable 12 volt tire inflation device that plugs into a cigarette lighter or accessory socket in your vehicle to pressurize tank.

These light weight tanks are easily filled through a wide-opening lid designed with a built-in safety valve to release pressure if overcharged. Also, a single charge of air over 100 PSI will completely empty the tank of its solution.

Fill these tanks with your favorite products such as degreasers, bug remover, dressing, window cleaner, tar & sap removers, spot cleaners, shampoos, and non-acid wheel cleaners. All tanks are tested before shipping and are built to last!


• Nozzle: Strainer & adjustable pattern
• Body: High quality stainless steel
• Hose: Coiled & 15' in length
• Trigger: Viton sealed
• Max Solution Input: 2 1/2 Gallons
• Max PSI: 125