Windshield Repair Starter


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Product Details
This system shares the identical cutting edge design and technology of the Spectrum(TM) at a great introductory price and includes one injector and enough supplies for approximately 150 repairs.

Also included in the Spectrum Starter(TM) is our BluWave(TM) advanced LED UV curing system. This curing device is the industry’s first and only integrated UV LED windshield repair curing system. In addition, this advanced technology promotes a stronger, faster cure with all resins. With the BluWave’s unique design and high intensity UV LED curing, GT Tools(TM) has changed the standard for windshield repair.

This system also utilizes our patented PRISM(TM) injector with dry vacuum technology, which uses all stainless steel injector components backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

1TCS-SM (Small Tech Case)
1 CFOAM-SP (Spectrum Small Tech Case Foam)
1 SPBRG (Bridge Assembly)
1 SPIA (Spectrum Injector Assembly SPIB, SPIP, SPIN)
1 INJSC (PRISM Inejector Side Chamber)
1 ILS (Injector Locking Screws)
1 CDRL (Cordless Drill with Charger)
1 BW (BluWave LED UV Curing Lamp)
1 PRB (Carbide Probe)
1 RZR (Razor Blades 1 Each)
1 PITSQ (Pit Squares 25 Pack)
1 SCL (Suction Cup Lube)
1 PITG (Pit Gloss)
1 DBM (Medium Drill Bits 5 Pack)
1 MIR-2 (Magnifying Mirror 2 Inch)
1 BULL ( Bullseye Making Tool)
1 SB (Seal Box)
1 ISHP (High Pressure Injector Seals 5 Each)
1 SCS (Side Chamber Seals 5 Each)
1 PS (Plunger Seals 5 Each)
1 ARS (Air Release Seals 5 Pack)
1 RMVAF-15 (Medium Viscosity Resin 15cc)
1 RPF-15 (High Viscosity Pit Filler 15cc)
1 Instruction Manual/ Training Link/ Catalog