XENIT Cleaner & Remover

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XENIT contains a proprietary cleaning formula with Citrus 66, an all-natural, highly refined extract of citrus fruit. The fastest and easiest way to remove sticky stuff, stains, and gunk from almost any surface.

With this powerful ingredient, XENIT can remove the greasy, grimy, soils and stains that soap and water and ordinary household products can't. For example XENIT will remove grease from clothing, gum from carpet, lipstick from upholstery.

It will remove tar, decals, and adhesives from glass, wood, and metals. XENIT will remove dried latex paint from carpet, flooring, trim and furniture.

For ink on fabric, shoe scuffs on flooring, or crayon on painted walls. Pleasant orange scent. 10 OZ can. Cannot be shipped by air.
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