Aluminum Sure Shot Sprayer - Quart Size


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Product Details
The Aluminum Sure Shot Sprayer is a safe, rechargeable sprayer that provides an even, adjustable stream of light liquids for automotive cleaning.  Durable and reusable, the Sure Shot Sprayer will replace all inferior plastic sprayers!

Features & Details:

Use to apply an array of light liquids to detail your vehicle.  The Sure Shot Sprayer works great at spraying fabric protectors, light soaps, degreasers, and all-purpose cleaners.

Get a uniformed, even application on every spray.  The Sure Shot Sprayer has a spray nozzle that adjusts between a jet stream and a fine mist, so you can fine-tune your spray pattern according to what you need.

Reusable and rechargeable.  Compressed air powers the Sure Shot Sprayer, meaning you can easily charge your sprayer over and over again.  Quickly refill with an air chuck and spray without needing any cords, batteries, or plugs.

Environmentally friendly spraying power.  Unlike aerosol sprayers, the Sure Shot Sprayer applies products without the use of freon, CFCs, or other dangerous propellants.  

Durable and non-corrosive tank.  The Sure Shot Sprayer is made of chrome-plated brass that doesn’t rust.  It’s also less susceptible to wear and tear that shortens the life of plastic sprayers. A perfect tool to apply our Spill Defender upholstery and carpet protectant!

For Best Results:

Unscrew the handle and fill the tank with your desired product.  Make sure the handle is screwed back on tightly.

Remove the rubber protector from the valve and use an air chuck to pressurize your tank.

You’re ready to roll!  Just point and spray.


• Max PSI: 200
• Max Capacity: 32 oz
• Made in: USA
• Construction: Aluminum

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