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The Synthetic Wax is an inorganic version of the traditional liquid paste wax that is more hydrophobic and temperature-resistant than carnauba wax.  It still provides an awesome, high-gloss shine, but boasts greater durability in the face of environmental elements.

Features & Details:

Silica components add durability to your wax.  The Synthetic Wax contains silica, rather than carnauba wax found in traditional, natural waxes.  Silica adds longer-lasting protection to your painted surfaces, meaning you won’t have to reapply it as often.

Produces a glossy, smooth finish.  While the Synthetic Wax doesn’t contain natural waxes, it still leaves a remarkable shine and glass-like finish on your surfaces.  Great for making metallic colors pop in the light.

Exceptionally hydrophobic.  Another benefit of Synthetic Wax is that it has water repellent properties.  Water will bead and run off your surface after applying this wax, helping to prevent water spots, mineral deposits, and corrosion.

Stands up to blistering temperatures.  A glaring advantage that the Synthetic Wax has over carnauba wax is that it will not dissolve under intense heat.  The Synthetic Wax blocks harmful UV rays that fade and discolor paint, serving as suntan lotion for your surface.

Extremely easy to apply and remove.  The Synthetic Wax can be applied either by hand or with a polisher.  It rubs on and wipes off easily, saving you time that you’d rather spend elsewhere!

For Best Results:

Apply Synthetic Wax to a clean surface.  Apply by hand with a CCS Euro Foam Red Ultra Soft Finishing Applicator, or with a polisher and the Lake Country Hybrid Black Finishing Pad.

After applying a thin layer of wax, allow it to dry to a haze and then wipe off with a Microfiber TowelIt’s that easy!
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