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Detail King is proud to announce that we now offer Thermax Carpet Cleaner Extractors. The Thermax CP5 heated extractor comes with a 3 year replacement parts warranty and is an industry leader when it comes to car interior cleaning. The Thermax CP5 is built to endure the most demanding car interior extractor cleaning services. You can use this heated extractor to easily and proficiently break-down ground-in dirt, grease, grime and even stale odors and pet odors.

The CP5 is constructed in a portable footprint and is designed to attain the highest level of professional cleaning results! If you operate a growing mobile auto detailing business or have a physical location this is an ideal unit to handle the demand. The CP5 includes the 15’ solution Hide-A-Hose which attached inside the 15’ vacuum hose eliminating the chance of the hose burning the operator using it. We also offer the Thermax CP12, which is a 12 gallon unit and will be published on our web site in a few days. Our Extractor Chemical & Maintenance Deluxe Kit has the products you will need not only to effectively clean upholstery and carpets but to also keep your extractor running efficiently every time you use it.

Therminator Series CP5 Features & Benefits:

Includes a 15’ Hide-A-Hose with built on stainless steel detailer carpet & upholstery tool.
Powerful two-stage vacuum motor for increased recovery speed and quicker drying time (112" water lift).
Built-in 1800 watt solution heating system for uniform temperature control (up to 175°).
5-Gallon hygienic stainless steel solution and recovery tanks.
High-impact, chemical resistant housing with conditional lifetime warranty - virtually indestructible.
100 psi high-efficiency demand solution pump.
Single power cord for one circuit operation, runs on only 12amps.

Therminator Series CP5 Specifications:

• Warranty: 3 year replacement parts warranty
• Tank: 5 gallon
• Vacuum: Single 2 stage
• CFM: 90
• H20: 112”
• PSI: 100
• Heater: 175 degree maximum
• Power Cord: Single 25’ 12/3
• Tools: 3” stainless steel upholstery tool
• Hose Package: 15’ Hide-A-Hose
• Product Weight: 49 lbs.
• Product Dimensions: 28”L x 17”W x 26”H

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