Tire & Whitewall Cleaner w/Darkening Agent

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The Tire and Whitewall Cleaner with Darkening Agent is a robust cleaning agent that removes dirt and gunk from the grimiest of tires and leaves them looking brand new.  Effective for use on whitewalls, Vogue Tyres, and white-lettered tires, there is no job too messy for this cleaner.  Spend less time scrubbing with inferior products and revitalize your tires with one application of the Tire and Whitewall Cleaner.

Features & Details:

Attack dirt and grime that amasses in the crevices of your tires!  Keeping your tires clean can be an arduous task; after all, they are constantly in contact with filthy surfaces.  The Tire and Whitewall Cleaner activates and starts to break down grime within seconds.  This is a heavy-duty product for heavy-duty jobs.

Safe for use on whitewalls and white-lettered tires!  While many caustic products will tarnish whitewalls and turn them yellow, our product will ensure your white stays as bright as ever.  You paid good money to have tires that look great; you should use a product that has the same philosophy.

Darkening agents rejuvenate rubber.  The Tire and Whitewall Cleaner contains special compounds that bring out the rich black color that your tires had when they left the manufacturer.  While other similar products leave a dull gray shade, this cleaner brightens and restores.

Perfect for applying before tire dressing!  Use the Tire and Whitewall Cleaner as a base cleaner before dressing your tires to maximize their shine and brilliance.  The cleaner gets the hard work out of the way so your tire dressing can add the glitz and glamour.

No phosphates or butyl.  Achieve incredible results without the inclusion of these chemicals.  The Tire and Whitewall Cleaner also has a refreshing lemon scent and is biodegradable.

For Best Results:

Rinse your tire and the area surrounding it with water.  Then spray the Tire and Whitewall Cleaner onto the tire and let it sit for about 30 seconds so it can penetrate the dirt and grime.

Use our Heavy Duty or Medium Duty Tire and Wheel Well Brush to scrub your tires.  If you are cleaning whitewalls or white-lettered tires, use our Professional Brass Whitewall Brush(connect) to remove grime and scuff marks from whitewalls.

Rinse off with water when finished scrubbing and consider applying our Jade Complete Acrylic Tire Dressing for long-lasting protection!

Available in a Pint, 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon, and 55 Gallon. (55gal must ship via Freight - call for a freight quote or we will contact you after your order)

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