Detail King Dressing Package - Gallons


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Our Gallon Dressing Package is a great way to try our most popular tire, trim, interior, and engine dressings out.

Kit Includes (1 gal):

• Super Blue Tire Dressing - is a premium spray-on, solvent based, tire and rubber dressing product that contains silicone. This product is long lasting and yields a superior shine and high hiding finish. . . Learn More

• TNT Tire Gel - is an innovative water-based, silicone tire shine gel that produces the high gloss finish previously found only in solvent-based dressings. . . Learn More

• Non Silicone Dressing - is an engine & tire dressing is specially formulated for use in paint and body shops where the use of silicone can create problems. This product contains no silicone, petroleum distillates or toxins, eliminating fish-eyes, fire and hazardous problems. . . Learn More

• Laguna Beach Tire Dressing - is an excellent super thick sponge-on tire dressing. Will not sling, and outlasts every other sponge-on dressing on the market. This product lasts a long, long time on tires and trim. Laguna Beach can be applied to tires that are even still a little wet. . . Learn More

• Pearl Gloss Dressing - is a premium, emulsion based vinyl interior dressing. This product can be used to dress interior components like dash boards, consoles, door panels and virtually all soft or hard vinyl interior panels. . . Learn More
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