Plastic 1 Gallon Tire Dressing Application Tank w/ 6" Dressing Brush

Item No: DKSWP01

Add Super Blue Tire & Rubber Shine

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Add Low Profile 3" Brush

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Product Details
The DK-SWP01 Tire Dressing Applicator Tank is an air-charged hand pump designed for incredibly convenient and cost-effective tire dressing application for both regular and low-profile tires.  This is a MUST-OWN for any professional auto detailer!

Features & Details:

Powered by easy-to-use manual air pump.  With the Plastic Applicator Tank, there are no plugs or batteries necessary.  Simply pump air into the tank by hand, saving utility costs and allowing for mobility.

Includes 6" brush with optional 3" brush for versatility.  The Applicator Tank comes with 6” brush, the 6” brush works for regular and over-sized tires, while the optional 3” brush is perfect for low-profile tires.

Keep dressing on tires and off wheels.  The brushes ensure that tire dressing doesn’t drip and run off onto rims and wheel components.  You get an even coat every time!

Reduce labor costs associated with dressing tires.  Auto detailers will save tons of time with the Plastic 1 Gallon Tire Dressing Applicator Tank.  Workers will finish in far less time than by traditional methods and there is no need for sponges, bottles, and towels.

Stretches out dressing so that it lasts a long time.  A few squeezes of product from the brush trigger is enough to dress an entire tire.  You will be able to crank out detail after detail with just one bottle of dressing!

For Best Results:

Add dressing to the tank.  Don’t use dressings that have super thick consistencies such as the Black Out Tire Dressing.  The Super Blue Tire and Rubber Shine works great as well!

Pump air into the tank by hand.  Squeeze the lever on the hose handle to apply dressing.  

Clean your brushes with a degreaser to keep product and grime from building up.  

Optional Add On Items:

*This dressing applicator item is not compatible with thicker dressings like our Laguna Beach or TNT Tire Dressing*