Plastic 1 Gallon Tire Dressing Application Tank w/ 3" & 6" Dressing Brushes

Item No: DKSWP01


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Our DK-SWP01 Tire Dressing Applicator Tank includes both a 6" and 3" dressing applicator brushes connected to a 5 foot hose. This unit is charged with air, by using the hand pump to pump air into the canister. The new design also has a pressure relief valve and now features a more durable tank. The 3" brush is mainly for low profile tires while the 6" brush is for regular size and oversized tires.


Performance – This one gallon heavy duty plastic sprayer keeps dressing off of wheels, and by using the 6" or 3" brush you can apply dressing more evenly and in less time.

Convenience – This pump sprayer for tire dressing will reduce labor cost and save your product! It also eliminates the need for sponges, bottles, and towels. Also, you can now evenly apply dressing to wet or dry tires.

*This dressing applicator item is not compatible with thicker dressings like our Laguna Beach Tire Dressing*

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