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The TNT Tire Gel is a water-based, silicone gel dressing that gives tires a bright, glossy finish.  Easy to apply and durable, this gel is a remarkable product for both auto detailers and car enthusiasts looking to achieve a quick shine on their tires.

Features & Details:

Produce an insane shine without the use of solvents.  The TNT Tire Gel brings the best out in your tires.  Its silicone formula glosses rubber so that it achieves a vibrant sheen.

Stay shining even in the rain.  Some tire dressings will wash off or lose potency after they clash with water.  The TNT Tire Gel is able to withstand precipitation and regular washing without losing luster.  It keeps tires looking wet even when they aren’t wet!

A little bit of product goes a long way.  You don’t need much TNT Tire Gel to get fantastic results.  With just a few squeezes of the bottle, you can restore brilliance to your rubber.  Use a product that lasts.

Avoid excessive slinging.  Sling is extra product that gets flung off your tires and onto your wheel wells and paint.  TNT Tire Gel does not produce sling, which means you don’t have to worry about cleaning up extra messes.

Not only works great, but smells sweet, too.  The TNT Tire Gel is easy to work with because it doesn’t emit a noxious or offensive odor.  It gives off a pleasant bubble gum scent so that you can breathe freely while using.  

For Best Results:

Apply to clean tires.  Squeeze a few lines of product onto an Automotive Tire Dressing Applicator.  Thoroughly rub into the grooves of your tires.  Scrub both horizontally and vertically to reach all crevices.

Allow the gel to set into the tires for a half-hour before driving.  This helps to avoid sling.

You’re done!  Just a little bit of gel and your tires look brand new.

Available in a Quart and 1 Gallon

For This Product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Click Here.

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