Tire Dressing Applicator Brush w/ 3 Gallon Stainless Tank

Item No: SSTDA

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Product Details
The Tire Shine Applicator Tank is an advanced tire dressing applicator that makes detailing a breeze and saves loads of time and money.  It’s made of durable, stainless steel, easily hooks up to standard air chucks to create pressure, and comes with a coil hose and 6” soft bristle brush.

Features & Details:

The stainless steel body is durable and outlasts plastic sprayers.  The Tire Shine Applicator Tank is built to last; you will not need to worry about replacing it every so often as with low-quality plastic bottles and sprayers.  The steel will not rust.

Easily pressurized with a standard air chuck.  All you need to pressurize your tank is an air chuck with up to 125 PSI, or a portable 12-volt tire inflation device that can be plugged into an accessory socket.  A built-in safety valve on the tank can reduce pressure down to 23 PSI to control the flow of the product.

Extremely cost-effective for auto detailers.  The Tire Shine Applicator Tank uses approximately 80% less dressing than conventional plastic sprayers.  It only requires one or two squeezes of product per tire, ensuring that your tire dressing goes a long way.

40-degree flat fan spraying nozzle produces an even application.  A 6” soft bristle brush that is included with the tank easily penetrates grooves and lettering on your tires.  Underneath the bristles is the spraying nozzle, which ensures you don’t waste product and get an even finish.

Portable so you can use outside.  Because the tank is able to hold pressure, it does not need to be plugged into an outlet.  It comes with a 15’ coiled hose so you have plenty of reach!

For Best Results:

Fill your tank roughly three fourths full with tire dressing, leaving the rest of the room for air.  Use a standard air chuck to pressurize.  Pull the safety valve to release extra pressure.  

Pull the lever on the hose handle to release one or two squirts of dressing.  That should be enough to dress one tire.  

Clean brushes with a degreaser to avoid build-up of product and grime.  The Tire Shine Applicator Tank works great with our Super Blue Tire and Rubber Shine, Non-Silicone Dressing, or Black Out Tire and Wheel Well Dressing.

*This dressing applicator item is not compatible with thicker dressings like our Laguna Beach Tire Dressing*


• Nozzle: 40° flat fan
• Body: High-quality stainless steel
• Hose: Coiled & 15' in length
• Trigger: Viton sealed
• Max Solution Input: 2 1/2 Gallons
• Max PSI: 125

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