Tornador Classic Interior Cleaning Tool - Z-010


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Product Details
The Tornador Classic Interior Cleaning Tool uses pressurized air to spray a tornado-like combination of water and soap that efficiently cleans and details car interiors.  This is a wildly cost-effective tool that slashes labor costs for professional detailers!

Features & Details:

Tornado cleaning action provides powerful and even application.  Pressurized air drives a mixture of water and soap that is dispensed through an oscillating nozzle.  This ensures you get an even application of soap/water so you don’t miss any spots on your interior.

Clean hard-to-reach areas.  The beauty of the Tornador Classic is that it can reach into crevices, nooks, vents, cupholders, under seats, around gear shifts, and window channels with ease.  This product is the only choice for a complete interior detail.

An air gun allows you to dry immediately after cleaning.  Once you have dispensed your water/soap mixture and wiped with a Microfiber Towel, you can turn a lever to create an air-only gun to dry surfaces.  This is especially handy for drying fabrics.

Use with Interior Super Soap to remove grime and dirt.  The Interior Super Soap is a low-foaming cleaning agent specially designed for use with Tornador Air Tools.  It breaks down dirt and grime, removes odors, and contains darkening agents that revitalize vinyl.

Essential for professional auto detailers.  The Tornador Classic makes interior detailing much quicker, uses far less product, and offers a more thorough cleaning than applying by hand.  It’s so cost-effective that you’d be crazy not to use one!

For Best Results:

Vacuum large debris from your interior before using the Tornador Classic.  

Pressurize your air tool with an air compressor with at least 5 CFM.  

When cleaning fabrics, turn the liquid air valve to the upright position to release the cleaning product.  Hold the nozzle a few inches from the fabric and spray in an overlapping motion.  Turn the valve to the down position to dry with air.

For cleaning vinyl and plastics, apply the product at 90 PSI.  Allow the product to sit on the surface for 10 to 15 seconds.  Wipe product off with a Microfiber Towel.  Use the air gun, following with the towel, to dry crevices and creases.

You’ll never want to detail without the Tornador again!

Be sure to also check out our more powerful Tornador Black!

Instructions for use for cleaning fabric:

 1. Remove large debris and vacuum area to be cleaned. 
 2. Turn liquid air valve to an upright position to deliver a cleaning solution. 
 3. Hold cleaning nozzle 1 to 3 inches from area to be cleaned. Fully depress trigger, begin overlapping motion over an area to be cleaned. 
 4. Next turn valve to down position using just air to help dry area that you just cleaned!

Instructions for cleaning dashboard and hard vinyl/plastic surfaces:

 1. Recommended air pressure at 90 psi.
 2. Turn liquid valve to the straight-up vertical position, using an overlapping motion, spray area to be cleaned.
 3. Allow cleaning liquid to remain on the surface for 10-to 15 seconds.
 4. Follow with air only by turning the valve to the horizontal position, begin drying with overlapping motion followed with a soft towel. 

Optional Add On Items:

CLICK HERE for the Tornador Classic Data Sheet and Usage Instructions.

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