Tornador Repairs & Tips in a Flash


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The Tornador Repairs & Tips In A Flash provides a detailer with information and suggestions on how to fix their malfunctioning Tornador cleaning tools. This kit includes a flash drive that features a repair catalog and how to videos as well as a manual with step by step repair instructions.

The Tornador Repairs & Tips Flash Drive is a great value for any Tornador user because it includes directions on how to properly fix issues with multiple Tornador products. This kit provides you with information on how to do repairs on the following Tornador products and parts:

• Z-010 Classic
• Z-020 Black
• ZV-200 Velocity-Vac
• ZV-240 Velocity-Vac Dry
• Z-011 Foam Gun
• Z-020 Tornador Black Rotate Set (TB-200RS)
• TB-600 Inner Liquid Tube
• CT-300 Jar Cap
• CT-500 Siphon Tube
• CT-700 Air Reverse Switch
• TB-404 or CT-404 Valve Body
• CT-420 Plunger Assembly
• CT-022 Air Inlet Nut

This officially licensed Tornador flash drive and manual is conveniently not only in English but Spanish as well! The flash drive is convenient for anyone that prefers using their computers while the hard-copy manual is a perfect on-the-go guide for detailers.
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