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The Instant Spray Magic is a fast and efficient restorative spray that adds a brilliant shine to the interior and exterior plastic and vinyl surfaces.  It’s perfect for shining those remote areas that you can’t reach with conventional dressings!

Features & Details:

Add a bright, luxurious finish to plastic and vinyl.  Dirt and dust accumulate quickly and dull the rich color of interior surfaces.  The Instant Spray Magic breathes life into your weathered and drab plastics and vinyl.

Access hard-to-reach areas.  No matter how hard you try, there are some spots that seem impossible to keep clean and glossy.  Tricky areas such as AC vents, shifter boots, between consoles and seats, and door panel pockets can be shined with the Instant Spray Magic.

Spruce up faded exterior surfaces.  Plastic and vinyl surfaces on your exterior regularly face UV rays, water, and environmental fallout.  Places such as window trim and windshield wiper cowls lose their luster quickly.  Spray down with the Instant Spray Magic to restore and rejuvenate.

Perfect choice for detailing new cars.  There’s nothing quite like that new car smell.  If you want to detail your interior without losing that smell, use the Instant Spray Magic.  It does not contain overpowering fragrances.

So easy to use!  They don’t call it “Instant” spray for nothing.  Just spray and wipe, and you’re done!  No messes, spills, or wasted product.

For Best Results:

Spray directly onto your desired surface.  Let the product sit for about 15 seconds and then wipe with a towel or applicator.  Use our Sponge on a Stick Swabs to reach into small spaces such as AC vents.

You’re already done – Instant, indeed!

Net Weight: 19 oz


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