Vinyl Water Containment Mat W/ Ground Cover - 10' x 20' - Foam Berm

Item No: WM1020FV

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This Vinyl Car Wash Mat is the perfect mat for an auto detailer who if frequently moving from one area to another. This mat, newest to our line-up of Detail King water containment mats is made from a heavy-duty 18 ounce, commercial grade vinyl material that is lighter to carry and more compact to stow than our other polyethylene models. This unit is ideal if you are mobile and need to move it periodically throughout your work day. Our new heavy duty vinyl car wash mat weighs about half as much as our other full size car wash mats and comes standard with a light-weight cloth style ground cover which should always be placed on the work area surface prior to rolling out the mat. The ground cover will help protect the car wash mat from sharp objects that may be on the work area surface  impact and causing damage to the material.
The foam berm is 4" high and the mat contains water while you are washing the vehicle. You can easily drive over the berm to go onto and to get off of the mat. The EPA is becoming stricter regarding car wash water runoff. Detail King has made it easy and affordable for mobile operators to contain their car wash water. Besides offering 100% biodegradable and environmentally products our car wash mats will help assure that you are being EPA compliant.
Approximately 75% of the wash water ends up in the mat from the vehicle that is being washed, the remainder evaporates while you are drying vehicle. You must remove the water from the mat before folding it up and going to your next detail job or car wash. You can remove the water with either a pump or vacuum system and contain it in a holding tank until you can properly dispose of it. Detail King offers several options for water reclamation. Be sure you take a look at our Vacu Berm, Big Dog Water Reclamation System and our Mr. Green Waste Water Tank System within this department. Being EPA compliant is very important especially if you plan to operate your mobile detailing business close to large bodies of water.
This unit costs considerably more than the above bracket style unit but saves set-up and break down time. Don't be fooled less expensive vinyl models that may not hold-up even under normal usage. Call us for additional information. Detail King Car Wash Mats are made to order and are not returnable. If you order online shipping costs will not tabulate because it has to be shipped via common carrier, we will contact you with shipping costs if you order here. The weight of this mat is only 75 lbs. compared to 115 lbs. of our other full size car wash mats.


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