Big Dog Water Reclamation Vacuum System

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Our Big Dog Water Reclaim Systems now allow you to reclaim water quickly and easily while still being environmentally compliant. This unit will last for years & years because it is designed to lift water, most "shop vac" types of vacuums are not designed to lift water but designed to vac up saw dust and light weight debris and will wear out quickly.

This unit comes standard with the following items:

- 13.5 amp motor Vac system w/15 gallon waste tank
- 5' Vac Connect Hose
- 15 Gallon Waste Tank Fittings
- 25' 1.5" Vacuum Hose
- Pud L Skoop & suction strainer

Just connect the hoses, plug in the vacuum, place the Pud L Skoop on the end of the vacuum hose, turn on the vacuum and start reclaiming your dirty car wash water from your car wash mat! It's that easy. Set up only takes a few minutes.

This system comes standard with the Pud L Skoop and works great when placed in a water containment mat. If you do not have a car wash mat then you will need to purchase the OPTIONAL Vacu Berm shown on the page of this dept. Instead of using the Pud L Skoop you would connect the Vacu Berm and position it on the asphalt in the direction the wash water run-off is flowing to be sure it sucks it all up. (note: some counties and cities do not permit the water landing on the asphalt so you may have to purchase a car wash mat and use this system with the Pud L Skoop to recover the water)

Vacuum features 137" CFM (Water Lift) Most shop vac type vacuums are only 9 or 10 amp and are designed to vacuum up saw dust and light debris. Shop vac type vacuums will not perform nearly as well and will need replaced a few times per year. Our Big Dog Vac System will give you several years of superior performance. PLUS you can use this equipment for regular dry vacuuming.
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