Hose & Strap Kit w/Clamps For 100, 115, 150 Size Tanks


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This Water Tank Connection Kit is to be used for our DK2000 or our Mobile Wash System. You receive 1 pair of nylon adjustable straps, 2 worm gear clamps, and a 6' length of 5/8" commercial grade hose. Connect the hose from the power washer inlet to the tank.

When ordering mention in the comments section the gallon size of the water tank you have so we ship the correct straps. This kit is standard with our DK2000 when purchased with a water tank.

This kit would be used for 100, 115, and 150 gallon tank set-ups. The 6' hose can easily be shortened. You do not want a longer length hose than 6' when connecting from the tank to a pressure washer.