Tire & Wheel Brush Kit


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This Wheel Cleaning Brush Kit is exactly what professional auto detailers use to clean tires and wheels. These 5 brushes will tackle just about any set of dirty wheels & tires, and leave you with pristine results.

Whats In The Box?

• Soft Grip Lug Nut Brush (1) -  is designed to reach completely around any size lug nut, on any size wheel. . . Learn More

Soft Flagged Bristle Brush (1) - is the perfect soft bristle brush to use for dressing your tires, cleaning your wheels, and even cleaning interior components of the vehicle. . . Learn More

Soft Grip Slot Wheel Brush (1) - is great to clean between the slots and spokes of wheels. . . Learn More

Brass Whitewall Brush (1) - has stiff brass bristles which will quickly and effectively remove dirt, grime, and curb scuff marks from white wall and white lettered tires. . . Learn More

Medium Duty Tire Brush (1) -  perfect for scrubbing black wall tires. Also, use this brush to remove dirt and grime from non clear coated wheels, wheel wells, and tires. . . Learn More

What Do You Save?

Everything included would cost $34.29, you save $5.34
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