Yellow 5" Drill Brush - Medium Duty



  • 5 Inch

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The high speed rotation of the cordless drill combined with our high quality premium Yellow 5" medium duty bristle drill brush lifts and easily extracts spots from carpets and carpeted mats. You can also use this brush to clean and scrub rubber floor mats. The bristles are made of 100 percent polypropylene - the most durable material for brushes.

The Yellow Medium Duty Drill Brush is also meant for rigorous scrubbing of carpets, tub and tile, and flooring. These bristles are stiff enough to dislodge old stains and they will hold up better than any softer carpet brush. You can also use this brush on tiles, grout, and floor pads. It is used for general scrubbing and cleaning for automotive use and countless applications in the home.

Note: Drill depicted is not included with purchase.

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